Booking a repair

Book online or in person at our premises

We carry out repairs and modifications on all models of the Xbox One Range of consoles.

 The Original,  Slim Xbox One & Xbox One X

Information on repairs can be found on the Services Page page.

All repairs are to exact manufacturers specifications, in most cases even higher as we repair your own console, unlike manufacturers that just provide a reconditioned replacement.

We are a Trade Marked UK based company, based in Bolton, Lancashire and have been trading since 2008.

Our Address

Console Wizard
247 Tonge Moor Road

A full list of our repairs and prices can be found at our main web site WWW.CONSOLEWIZARD.CO.UK

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If you are local to our premises, simply bring your console to our premises for investigation.

If you are not local to our premises, please book your repair directly via our website.

We have two courier options available to you to get your console to our premises and then delivered back to you via courier after repair.

Our courier options are explained HERE

If you are not local and want to book a repair on our website
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