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Xbox 360 PHAT (ORIGINAL) RGH (Reset Glitch Hack)

This modification can be carried our on your console if the dashboard is over 2.0.7371 and your console has a HDMI port.

We can carry this out on any dashboard, even the latest 2.0.17502

This option allows us to JTAG your console.

We will setup your harddisk (if supplied) with Xexmenu and Freestyle dash V3.

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    If your dashboard level is too high to allow the normal Jtag hack 
    to be carried out(dashboard level 2.0.7371) we are still able to Jtag your console.

    This new Hack is called "Reset Glitch Hack" and needs and the installation of a chip.

    ALL models of Phat HDMI Xbox 360 consoles (Falcon and Jasper) and ALL versions of the Slim Xbox 360 can have the Reset Glitch Hack carried out.

    The reset glitch can take from 3 seconds to 3 minutes to boot to the dashboard (this is the industry STANDARD)

    We however have tuned this to INSTANT Boot from zero - 5 seconds, EVERYTIME (Console Permitting - each console is different) !!!!

    Once a console has been Reset Glitch Hacked, then the console can no longer be used on the Xbox Live service.

    We do however offer a dual boot option for all PHAT original XBOX 360 consoles

    The dual boot option can be purchased on our web site.


    If you include your harddisk, we will install Xexmunu and Freestyle DashV3 + Dashlaunch V3.16 so your console boots directly into Freestyle dash.

    Once Jtagged you options available to you are endless, you can install alternative dashboards like Freestyle dash or Xexmenu. Run Homebrew and play emulators to play some of the old classic games available.

    Best of all you can connect a huge external harddisk via USB and play your games directly from the harddisk, without a disk in your DVD drive.

    A screenshot of Freestyle dash

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