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Slim 1532 / 1175 Drive flashing


We can update the new Slim Xbox 360 console to the lastest dashboard and latest DVD drive firmware LT v3.0, but if the MFR date on the rear of the console is AUG 2011 or newer, then the process is alot more involved.

This is for Lite on 1175, Lite On 1532 or Hitachi drives.

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    This service is for the Slim Xbox 360 consoles with an MFR date of Aug 2011 or later (see below).

    To flash a console after the Aug 2011 MFR date, we have to Jtag the console to extract the DVD drives embedded key (this matches the main board). Once we have extracted this key from the main board, then we have to replace the DVD drives control PCB with the I-Xtreme LTU replacement board.

    This is due to the protection installed in the Lite On 1175 and Lite On 1532 drives, also Hitachi drives.

    The process is very involved and time consuming and the cost of the replacement drive PCB is expensive, so  this is why the cost of this service is higher than the normal Slim Xbox 360 flashing service we provide.

    Please confirm your consoles MFR date before purchasing this service.

    See example below

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