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Xbox 360 HDMI ELITE RGH Jtag Console only

Microsoft Xbox 360 ELITE HDMI RGH (Reset Glitch Hack) - Jtag console + 20GB harddisk ONLY

These refurbished consoles have been fully stripped down, cleaned and serviced and totally refurbished to factory specifications.

The console has been Reset Glitch Hacked which turns it into a fully Jtagged console.

These consoles INSTANT BOOT - for 0 - 5 seconds !!!!!!

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    A Jtagged console CANNOT be used on the Xbox Live service, unless you use the paid XBLStealth service, Google "XBLstealth for more info"

    The console is on the lastest 17502 dashboard and comes supplied with a 20 gb harddisk, the harddisk is pre loaded with

    • Xexmenu v1.2
    • Freestyle dash V3 + Dashlaunch v3.16

    This means that your console is already setup for use when you receive it from us.

    The console comes with three months warranty for your peace of mind.

    Do you need an AC Adapter, AV Leads - these can be ordered seperately on our web site for £20.00


    Benefits of a Jtagged Console

    1. Run Homebrew 

    2. Run Linux (Xell) 

    3. Run Emulators 

    4. Run XEX Menu or Freestyle Dash - load your games onto your harddisk and play them without having a  disk in the DVD drive

    5. Connect any size Harddisk, how about a 1.5TB drive to copy your games 

    Note - A Jtagged console CANNOT be used on the Xbox Live Service !!

    A Jtagged console gives you endless options to you.

    You can install alternative dashboards like Freestyle dash or Xexmenu. Run Homebrew and play emulators to play some of the old classic games available.

    Best of all you can connect a huge external harddisk via USB and play your games directly from the harddisk, without a disk in your DVD drive.

    A screenshot of Freestyle dash

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