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Playstation 3 - Noisy Fan

Sony Playstation 3 - Noisy Fan Repair

The Symptoms can be
  • Does your console sound like a hoover as the fan is so noisy
  • Does your console shutdown and state the console is running to hot
  • Does your Fan speed ramp high and keep high
This is all faults of a CPU fault in your console.

All our repairs are covered by a three month warranty

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    We can repair this fault for you, the full repair consists of

    1. Strip down your console and carry out a full service 

    2. Repair the problem on your main board causing the fault. 

    3. Exhaustively test your console to confirm everything is okay.

     After the repair your console will be whisper quiet.

    ** Note **

    We must inform you that there is a risk that during this repair your console will go to the an unretrievable YLOD fault, this can be caused by the CPU being thermally stressed as part of this fault. Its a slim risk, but we have to make you aware.

     We use one of our BGA resolder stations to repair this fault

                 BGA Reflow Machine

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