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Playstation 3 - Fan Upgrade

Sony Playstation 3 - Fan Upgrade Service

Do you want to keep your console as cool as possible
The main cause of the YLOD (Yellow light of Death) fault is that the console overheats and this causes the solder under the RSX chip to crack and this results in the Yellow Light of Death Fault.
We can upgrade the fans performance by 25% at Idle, to inprove airflow by 25%

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    This modification doesnt involve extra fans being fitted, the standard fan inside your console is more than suitable to keep the console cool.

    We modify the consoles control of the fan, by increasing the performance of the PWM Controller on the mainboard. This means that the fan will provide approx 25% more airflow than standard.

    This modification doesnt take away the ability of the CPU to increase the Fans speed when extra airflow is required.

    This is a must for heavy gamers of FIFA, Call of Duty, etc...

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