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PC / Laptop - Virus Removal


The symptoms of a Virus

  • Is your PC / Laptop running slow
  • Is your PC / Laptop not running correctly
  • Can you no longer surf the internet

Your PC or Laptop is more than likely suffering from a Virus, malware or Trojan infection

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    We can remove the infected files from your PC or laptop.

    We will also examine your current virus protection software to ensure that your PC or Laptop stays clean once you receive your PC or Laptop back.

    Virus mean your computer can run really slowly, there are more dangerous virus's that also record every key pressed on your keyboard, so if you think your computer is infected, then please contact us urgently.

    **** NOTE ******
    If your PC is a desktop or a tower, then you only need to send the actual PC unit, not the monitor, keyboard, mouse or any leads.

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