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PS3 - YLOD - Reball repair

Sony Playstation 3 YLOD - Yellow light of Death Repair

Does your console
1. Turn on and the front power LED turn Green
2. The Power LED goes Yellow straight away and the console beep twice
3. The console power off and the LED turn RED (flashing)

Your console is suffering from the Yellow Light Of Death. 

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      What causes this fault

    These faults are caused by the fact that every manufacturer Sony, Microsoft, etc have to use Unleaded solder during the manufacturing of their games console.

    This was considered a more reliable solution for the electronics industry due to the fact that unleaded solder has a higher melting point than Leaded Solder.

    The only problem is that over time, Unleaded solder goes brittle and cracks, when this occurs this is when the console displays the RED light errors.

         An Example of Lead and Unleaded Solder after exhaustive heating / cooling



                                              The solution

    We can remove the Graphics processor from the main board

    Replace this with a brand new Graphics processor

    The benefit of this procedure is that we only use Leaded solder when re soldering the chip back onto the main board.

    Leaded solder does not go brittle and crack, therefore is the ultimate fix for your console.

    We use the latest state of the art Computer Controlled Dark Infrared BGA reflow stations to safely and professionally carry out this process.



     The Re-ball process

    1. Console is stripped down and cleaned

    2. Graphics processor is removed from the main board and the main board cleaned of unleaded solder

    3. A Brand new Graphics processor soldered to the main board using only LEADED solder.

    4. Console is re assembled and serviced.

    5. The console is exhaustively tested to ensure everything is working 100%



    The Re-Ball Repair is dependant on the motherboard and the pads underneath the chip being in good condition,any previous bad heat gun repairs can have a very negative effect on the fix rate

    If an amateur repair has previously been carried out and the reabll fails, then the repair fee minus a £20.00 fee will refunded. This is to cover the materials and time taken for this lengthy repair process.


By (Pontefract, United Kingdom) on 17 March 2016 (PS3 - YLOD - Reball repair) :

PS3 Phat 60gb

Excellent service, got my machine up and running again. Was an original PS3 which lasted 7 years of use at vertical position so i assume heat and gravity over time caused the gpu to become unseated. Plus the fact that it would have been chock full of dust wouldn't of helped. System now seems to be running smoother and coupled with the fact i upgraded the fan as well i am sure there is a long life left in this console.

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By (Northfleet, United Kingdom) on 21 Jan. 2016 (PS3 - YLOD - Reball repair) :

Playstation PHAT CECHK 80GB Reball

Came to ConsoleWizard because of having the highest customer satisfaction than any other console repair service in the UK. I sent in my PS3 because it was having slight graphics problems and the loud fan (which i have put up with for nearly 2 years) was just becoming too bothersome. I was also getting a 'system become too hot' message which then often shut it down. After receiving the console back, i can say with confidence that i am really happy with the results; no loud fan, no graphics problems and no message. Will certainly do business again. Thanks, Dean

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By (Stevenage, United Kingdom) on 29 July 2015 (PS3 - YLOD - Reball repair) :

Brill Customer Service!

I Sent my 60gb in for a reball, but discovered on its return that it had become damaged from transit despite being adequately packaged. I informed Mark (the owner) and he was concerned enough to replace the bottom half, free of charge! I am most definitely chuffed and have already spread the word about this brilliant company to my mates. Thanks again to the Console Wizard team! -David ..additionally I found a copy of COD: Black OPs when it arrived the second time, I guess you can say that proves the consoles are well tested; shame it couldn't of been a better game or I would of kept quiet and not sent it back!

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